About Me

Hello! My name is Jordan Nowaskey and I’m a Sophomore at Towson University where I major in Mass Communications with a focus on Journalism. I have always been a good writer and I enjoy the art of being able to put thoughts into words. I hope to not only expand my experience with media and journalism throughout college, but also to travel abroad to study and broaden myself (and eventually my work) through being exposed to different cultures. Although I have not pin-pointed my specific career path yet, I know that I want to try and make a difference through writing and hope to end up in the realm of social media, where I aspire to have an input on the source of information and its influence on society. As a social media addict, I understand the need to feel connected to information at all times and would like to be a type of gatekeeper who can provide useful, truthful, and inspiring work on all favored sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (links to my social media). As a writer, I enjoy literature as my favorite type of media because I can appreciate one’s expression through words rather than pictures. This also seems to be biased based on the fact that I have a literature based brain 😊


Apart from being a full-time student, I’m also a dogwalker, waitress, athlete, family member, volunteer, food fanatic, and avid coffee drinker. I dog walk in Canton and serve at RA Sushi in Baltimore where I’m currently living with my sister and my best friend. I come from a very large Italian family and in my immediate family, I am the second eldest of four girls (my poor dad, I know!) Family is the biggest part of my life and I’m very fortunate enough to live near all of my family and see all of them very often. I’m very active athlete that has played soccer since I was 6 years old and played at Howard Community College for two years prior to transferring to Towson. I am very big on volunteering and have been involved in many different organizations throughout my entire life. My aunt is the founder of Neighborhood Network where I have spent many years helping out with donating thanksgiving baskets, adopting families for Christmas presents, filling backpacks with supplies for back-to-school, etc. I’ve also been attending a mission trip for the past five years, and counting, through Glen Mar Church, where we travel to Hurley, VA for a week in June to repair homes of the less fortunate. I also spent a few years volunteering at Grassroots where every Wednesday I spent time with the kids of this homeless shelter, reading to them and playing with them from 7:00-8:30pm.

If what you love says anything about you… my favorite movie is Good Will Hunting, my favorite book is House Rules by Jodi Picoult, my favorite TV show is Shameless, my favorite food are mussels, my favorite color is purple, my favorite animal are dogs, my favorite season is summer, my favorite music is rap, and my favorite holiday is Christmas!

Achievements: All Maryland Juco 2012 (Women’s Soccer), 4.0 GPA, Lifetime Achievement Award (5-year mission trip attendee)